Welcome to Company name.

And your Development Plan.

Pre-starter objectives.

As I’m sure you know , you have joined us at an amazing time and you will be working with some of the best recruiters in the market.

The Market you’ll be working in is very saturated and it is more important now than ever to differentiate ourselves from the competition. 

One of the ways we do this is through our industry knowledge and the sooner you understand the fundamentals, the better.

To help you hit the ground running, we would like you to complete these 3 tasks..

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Task 2.

Please scroll down to the Prestarter Library for some more important videos and sessions to complete. 

Please watch these videos and complete the sessions in the content hub ...

What is GDPR…

Pre-starter Demo 1
Play Video

What is IR35, Ltd and Umbrella…

Pre-starter Demo 1
Play Video

What is Margin & Mark up …

Pre-starter Demo 1
Play Video

Please complete all of these .

Last but not least, have a listen to and make notes on these calls .

Candidate qual intro

The Questioning funnel

Task 3.

Prestarter Mini Quiz

Nothing to see down here …

Candidate intro #1

Play Video

Candidate intro #2

Play Video

"Headhunt pitch"#1

Play Video

"Headhunt pitch" #2

Play Video
Play Video